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Effective Date: May 28, 2010

電郵易 EDM Email Marketing Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are designed to encourage better service and compliance with anti-spam regulations. By using 電郵易 EDM Email Marketing as a permission-based email marketing tool, you are agreeing to the following conditions, and as such, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the following documents.

Trial Terms

Every message is subject to manual message review during the trial period. Messages may be delayed as a result. You may upgrade your account at any time. If you have not upgraded your account by the end of the trial period, you may log in and manage your lists, but you will not be able to send messages. 電郵易 EDM Email Marketing has a no tolerance spam policy that we take very seriously. Your account or your customer's account will be terminated if you send unsolicited email messages.


電郵易 EDM Email Marketing only supports permission-based emails and has a no tolerance spam policy that we take very seriously. Your account will be terminated if you send unsolicited email messages. Read Our Anti-Spam Policy

End User Service Agreement

An End User Service Agreement (EUSA) is a legal contract between 電郵易 EDM Email Marketing and the end user, you, our customer. The EUSA details how the Software as a Service can and cannot be used and any restrictions 電郵易 EDM Email Marketing imposes.

Prohibited Content and Commerce

電郵易 EDM Email Marketing prohibits the use of its software for many types of commercial activities including pornography, hate speech and illegal products or services.

Cancellation Policy

At any time, either party may cancel a user's 電郵易 EDM Email Marketing account for any reason. The user must request cancellation by calling 電郵易 EDM Email Marketing at (852) 3502 4114 or by sending written notice to:

電郵易 EDM Email Marketing

Or email at sales@edm-emailmarketing.com

Amounts paid are not refundable. Subscriptions to our service are pre-paid. As such, any cancellations that occur in the middle of a payment term (month, quarter, or year depending on payment schedule) will be made effective on the final day of the prepaid term. Any email communication regarding the cancellation of an account must be from the email address on record in the account to complete the cancellation.

Credit Card Expirations or Declines

Please note that allowing a credit card to expire or not submitting payment by check regardless of invoice receipt status will not automatically cancel your account as we maintain all account data, allow subscriptions to occur, and allow you access to your account. You will remain responsible for paying the monthly charge, which will accrue to your account, until we receive a cancellation notice. We will send notice to the email on record if a card is declined. We may also follow-up by phone or mail. We reserve the right to send delinquent accounts to a collection agency if they are not paid within 3 months.

Retrieving Your Data After Your Account Has Been Canceled

Per our privacy policy, data from canceled accounts will be deleted immediately and cannot be retrieved. Please be sure to export all data you wish to save before canceling your account.

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